Best USB Chargers for Travel

by Brian Lee
Best USB Chargers for Travel

It’s hard to imagine traveling without a smartphone and/or tablet these days.  This makes a good USB charger an absolute must!  Here are the ones I use and why…

A good travel USB charger must:

  • Be compact
  • Provide enough charging power
  • Automatically adjust charging power to match the needs of the device
  • Be reliable
  • Operates on 100v to 240v power so you only need a plug adapter for international use.

The best chargers I have found are from Anker.

Anker PowerPort 4

The Anker PowerPort 4 is extremely compact and the plug portion folds flush with the external case.  It measures 2.6 x 2.6 x 1 inch and weighs a scant 5.1 oz.  It provides 40 watts of power to 4 USB ports and operates on 110v-240v and is available in white and black.  This is my go to device for solo traveling when 4 ports is all I need.  Available on Amazon.

Anker PowerPort 10

The Anker PowerPort 10 is larger but can support 10 devices on its autosensing USB ports.  It has a separate power cord that accomodates rooms where the plugs are located some distance from the nightstand or table.  It operates on 100v-240v power and is available in both white and black.  This is my charger of choice for longer trips when I may be carrying camera battery chargers or need to charge my wife’s devices as well.  Available on Amazon.

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