Chef Tony’s, Vancouver BC

by Brian Lee

Opened in January, 2014, Chef Tony’s is Tony He’s second restaurant venture in Richmond, BC.  My cousin, Doug, recommended Chef Tony’s for its originality and unusual flavors.  We made reservations for 10am (their opening time) and there was a line of about 15 people by 10am.  The interior is bright white and very modern.  After being seated, we found the menu listed some familiar dim sum treats, but all with interesting variations.

Prominent in the variations is the use of black truffle.  For example, the familiar Siu Mai came topped with a tiny mound of black truffle.  They were piping hot from the steamer and the truffle flavor added a nice earthy flavor to the siu mai.  Certainly a non-traditional pairing, but very good!

We ordered the mushroom and black truffle dumplings that were unlike any dim sum we have had before.  They were also folded in a unique pattern.

The fried shrimp and chive dumplings arrived atop hollowed out slices of cucumber for presentation.

The glutinous rice meat filled dumplings featured an extremely soft texture contrasted by a very crispy outer shell.  The meat filling was nicely flavored and these were among the best of their kind I have ever had.

A longtime favorite of ours are Dan Tats, the ubiquitous custard tarts.  Most places take shortcuts now by using non-layered dough and quick custard mixes.  These were flaky and the custard tasted of fresh eggs.  Among the best I have ever had.

Everything we tasted was as fresh as could be and delicious.  Highly recommended for a mind expanding dim sum experience!


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