Elevated Chinese Cuisine at Mr. Jiu’s

by Brian Lee

Recently named the #3 Best New Restaurant in America for 2017 by Bon Appetit magazine, Mr Jiu’s received its first Michelin Star in 2018.  Chef Brandon Jew returns to his San Francisco Chinatown roots after a decade of cooking around the world.

Chef Jew offers a modern riff on Chinese classics.  Having grown up on Chinese food, there is a comforting familiarity as a foundation for innovation and creative use of elegant ingredients.  This is not your mother’s Chinese food.  It’s more like the food of your tatooed intellectual cousin.  It’s simply fantastic!

Devil’s Gulch Pig Head, kohlrabi, tea egg, amaranth crisp.  Chef Jew prepares a roulade of the deboned pig head, cooks it sous vide, then slices it thinly.  The tea egg is suspended in a tea gelee.

Pot stickers in a fava bean wrapper with black vinegar soy.

Dutch Crunch BBQ Bun made from Berkshire pork.

Crispy Scarlet Turnip Cake, an incomparable version of Lo Bak Go.

Sea Urchin Cheong Fun was amazing!  From the freshness of the rice noodle to the richness of the broth, this was a favorite.

Steak Fried Rice was light and deeply flavorful.

Pea Tendrils with sea urchin and fermented tofu.

Sizzled Black Cod is an elevated version of the steamed rock cod I grew up with, but Chef Jew uses a more tender black cod and torches the skin to a wonderful crispness.

Lion’s Head Meatball with black mushroom and napa cabbage.

Black Sesame Cake with ginger cream.

Grapefruit Jelly Candies.


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